How does futurefact help direct me with my business?

In what way can I use the data for guidance and insights?

How does futurefact help me understand opportunities in my market?

How can the futurefact data be used creatively?

To answer these and other questions, it is best to share some ideas of how the data has been used effectively based on feedback from clients:

The question/idea:

futurefact will:

My company needs to intimately understand the market in order to create appealing advertising.

  1. Show what motivates your market and what is important to them when choosing brands and responding to advertising.
  2. Help you understand where your market sits on the class mobility scale thereby understanding their aspirations. People live according not only to how they see themselves now but also to how they see themselves in the future.  This information will lead to an understanding of the value of the lower sectors of the market when considering upmarket brands.
  3. Help with messaging and with understanding the importance of talking to and not at the market.
  4. Provide guidance about the market’s language and media preferences.

I am thinking of launching a new media product and want to do a feasibility study or gap analysis. (Note: media is only an example, this would be applicable to a new business idea, a new product idea or any new idea that needs to be deeply understood before going to market.)

  1. Assist with understanding the market’s current media habits.
  2. Show where there are gaps in the market, how the gaps can be filled and the opportunities that exist. (Segmentations and correspondence/factor analyses are possible).
  3. Give guidance on editorial/content inputs.
  4. Help you fully understand who the potential market is and what they feel and believe.
I have been asked to pitch on potential new business and want to present interesting and unique information.
  1. Provide unique insights and views about the market that are not readily available in other data sources thus giving you the upper hand against competitors.
  2. Help you fully understand the demographic, psychographic and media habits of the market.
  3. Allow attractive presentations, graphs and maps demonstrating in an interesting way that you have fully understood the market you are pitching to.

I find my analyses of data are quite one-dimensional and I would like to develop a more interesting and meaningful way of understanding the market

  1. Give you the tools to develop your own segmentation models based on what your market thinks and feels, thus creating clusters of people based on what makes them similar and/or different psychographically (and not just demographically).
  2. As part of the futurefact subscription you will receive a tried and tested segmentation model based on the mindsets of South Africans.  This is very meaningful to any person doing business in South Africa.  These mindsets quantify our differences and similarities and provide useful targeting and messaging insights.

I work for a corporation / government and I feel that while there is much information about the population, I feel I need to have a deeper understanding for our scenario planning and strategic marketing initiatives.

  1. Provide a deeper level of understanding of our country, the attitudes and values that are driving the rapid changes in the psycho-social and economic fabric of the society.
  2. Provide information that is designed specifically to keep your finger on the pulse.  It is one of the only databases that ensures that each year the data being measured is completely relevant and up to date with what is happening in the country.  This is from the point of view of politics, social issues, media, technology, brand consciousness, and many other areas.
  3. Give an understanding of where South Africans lie on the socio, political and economic scales.  Do they feel their lives are better or worse, how do they see their class within the society, is the government perceived to be doing a better job or not and in which areas plus many other questions.
  4. What is their view of the future, their confidence in the economy, the body politic, and their commitment to the country and active citizenship initiatives.

I am a cell phone service provider and I want to understand what makes my brand different from the others.
(Note: this could apply to media, banking, and so on.)

  1. Show what differentiates your brand from others – segmentation/factor analyses will be most enlightening.  Often it is the subtle differences that are highlighted and are the most illuminating.
  2. Help construct messages to the market that will differentiate your brand.
  3. Help with the creation of brand extensions accordingly and from an informed base – you will know better how to talk to your market.
  4. It would be possible to develop specific Mobile Mindsets that allow for ongoing differentiation and targeted media planning.