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No more excuses

Speaking at the government leadership summit meeting in Pretoria on 3 April 2013, Trevor Manuel, Minister in the Presidency stated: “We cannot continue to blame apartheid for our failings as a state”. He also said that “We fail our people repeatedly. Nineteen years into democracy our government has run out of excuses”.

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Integrity NOT Corruption

Integrity (honour, honesty, goodness, virtue, righteousness, uprightness and incorruptibility).

Integrity invokes sentiments reminiscent of 1994 and the birth of our new democracy – a time when we believed that the ANC would be the good guys, continue to maintain the moral high-ground and live up to the ideals of The Freedom Charter and The Constitution of South Africa.

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Crime stats shock...

It seems that around 52% of crimes in South Africa went unreported in 2011. This is according to a report issued by the South African Institute of Race Relations based on the Statistics SA’s Victims of Crime Survey.

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Blackouts ahead?

Remember January and February 2008 which was wet and unseasonably cold and we ran into rolling blackouts when Eskom’s stockpiles of coal ran low? Well, fast forward a few years to 2013 and the prospect of winter where demand for electricity exceeds an already over-stretched capacity AND there are shortages of coal following industrial action in the coal industry. There have already been unplanned outages which have “squeezed Eskom’s spare capacity to levels last seen in 2008 when the company used load-shedding to prevent the entire system from collapsing” (The Times, 20 March 2013).

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Why are they killing?

"Why are they killing? Why?"

This was the question posed by 16-year-old Mmathapelo Malapane, a Grade 10 Mabuya Secondary School pupil representing the children of Daveyton, at the memorial of slain Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia. (Daveyton police were filmed dragging Mozambican taxi driver Mido Macia behind their vehicle for the five hundred metres to the police station where he died of his injuries).

Mmathapelo Malapane: "What is it that Mido Macia did that he was killed like a dog? Is it because he is a foreigner?"