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Speaking at the government leadership summit meeting in Pretoria on 3 April 2013, Trevor Manuel, Minister in the Presidency stated: “We cannot continue to blame apartheid for our failings as a state”. He also said that “We fail our people repeatedly. Nineteen years into democracy our government has run out of excuses”.

futurefact finds that eight out of ten South Africans agree with the Minister saying that: “We can’t keep blaming the past for all our problems in South Africa today”. As a result of this attitude and in recognition of the failure of the government to deliver on its promises, seven out of ten South Africans, irrespective of age group but particularly those in higher socio-economic groups, have already developed a ‘can-do’ mindset: willing to do whatever they can to make South Africa a better place and holding a strong belief that the only way to get things done is by doing them themselves and not waiting around for the authorities or leaders.

futurefact has been surveying the attitudes and beliefs of South Africans since 1998. The findings presented above are from futurefact 2012 which is based on a probability sample of 2,946 adults aged 15 years and over, living in communities of more than 500 people throughout South Africa representing 21.6 million adults.

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