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It seems that around 52% of crimes in South Africa went unreported in 2011. This is according to a report issued by the South African Institute of Race Relations based on the Statistics SA’s Victims of Crime Survey.

futurefact finds that around a third of South Africans said that they would only report a crime if they need the case number for insurance purposes and around 40% that: “there is no point reporting a crime as the police do nothing”. Results from our 2012 survey indicate that 2.4 million South Africans said that they or a member of their immediate household had something stolen from them in the previous 12 months. A third of them did not report this to the police. This rose to 37% among the 1.1-m who said that they or a member of their immediate household had been victims of a serious or violent crime. Significantly of those who did report such violent crimes, 50% found the police to have been effective.

futurefact has been surveying the attitudes and beliefs of South Africans since 1998. The findings presented above are from futurefact 2012 which is based on a probability sample of 2,946 adults aged 15 years and over, living in communities of more than 500 people throughout South Africa representing 21.6 million adults.

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