futurefact works closely with subscribers and opinion leaders:

  • To track the changes taking place in our society and identify and interpret emerging social, political and economic trends;

  • To identify target markets and develop appropriate messages and communication strategies;

  • For new product development, product and brand positioning; product reinvigoration;

  • To understand consumer attitudes and behaviour;

  • To inform editorial and communication content and direction.

The contents of each futurefact questionnaire are workshopped with our subscribers and but usually include some of the following:

Social mobility and social class:

  • Standard of living compared to parents
  • Standard of living of children at your age
  • Current social class (self) – Lower/working class, middle class, upper middle class, upper class.
  • Parents’ social class at same age
  • Indicators of social class
  • Membership of groups
  • Possibilities of becoming rich


  • How people describe themselves, for example, as South Africans, as Africans, by language group, by cultural group, by religion, etc.

Attitudes and feelings towards South Africa

  • Confidence levels, pride, involvement, the future, etc.

Attitudes towards

  • Africa and race
  • Business and wealth
  • Crime and corruption
  • Employment and unemployment
  • Education and teaching
  • Emigration and immigration
  • Language
  • Service delivery
  • Risk, financial and social capital / life skills
  • Economic facilitators and hindrances
  • Unions and labour

Consumer attitudes and beliefs

  • Brand and image consciousness and how they relate to behaviour patterns
  • Quality of life indicators

Politics and social attitudes

  • Socio-political attitudes
  • Confidence Levels: Confidence in leaders, organisations and institutions
  • Personal level of support for main political parties


  • Items in household, cell phone usage, service providers, internet usage etc.
  • Usage of social media
  • Attitudes to technology

Media - consumption and usage of:

  • Cinema, Internet, magazines, newspapers, radio and TV (free-to-air and satellite)
  • TV genres and types of movies enjoyed

PLUS extensive personal and household demographics.