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The Afrikaner in South Africa

An intrinsic and committed part of the South African cultural landscape

(First published in The Media June 2014)

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We will vote for the ANC because it is the party that will win

So stated a voter from Richard’s Bay interviewed for Freedom House’s report: 20 Years of Democracy.

futurefact finds a similar sentiment with 58% of South Africans saying that “I am wasting my vote if I don’t vote for the party that’s likely to win”. This rose to 66% among those in the ANC camp and dropped to 38% among those in the DA camp.

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Is South Africa ready for a non-racial and non-ethnic-based leadership?

Trevor Manuel is (or was) one of the ANC’s best assets. Someone not tainted by the stench of corruption, someone with impeccable struggle credentials, someone not afraid to confront racist comments or difficult issues head-on. A politician that most people TRUST in a country where 85% say that politicians are only interested in themselves and in power. 


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South Africa’s First Generation Middle Class

Even though we continue to be a very unequal society, South Africa has made considerable progress up to now in growing our middle class. This is contrary to trends in established societies like America where the middle class has been growing poorer and sliding backwards despite a degree of economic recovery. The middle class is a critical component of any economy. A large, stable middle class buys the goods and services that keep economies buoyant and fuel growth.

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Binning the race-card: Does DA’s Mamphela Ramphele offer black voters a way-out?

"It is very important to recognise that this is a historic moment where we will take away the excuse of race and allow people to be judged on their performance. It is time for South Africa to demand the government they deserve, not one that hides behind the race card. We are throwing the race card in the dustbin," Dr Mamphela Ramphele on joining the DA. 

A somewhat chastened Dr Ramphele has just joined the DA about 10 months after she spurned their advances and formed her own political movement.