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The minds and moods of the Afrikaans market

What are the sentiments of the Afrikaans market? JOS KUPER provides valuable insights gleaned from in-depth research.

Contrary to the belief in some quarters and even in what is reflected in the media, the Afrikaans sector is not a pessimistic, disillusioned population that has no home in the ‘new' South Africa. In keeping with the majority of the population, first-language Afrikaans speakers describe themselves first and foremost as South Africans rather than the other options like African, or by language, race, cultural group or religion. When asked for their second descriptor, race is more likely to be selected than language, albeit at a very low level.

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How stats mirror Agang’s vision

Dr Mamphela Ramphele has announced her entry into the political arena and intention to contest the 2014 general elections.

In her speech on February 18 at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, Ramphele raised many issues where she felt that South Africa was falling well short of its potential and where the government was failing its people.

If one looks at a futurefact survey that earlier questioned South Africans about their views on many of the issues she raised, one finds a lot of overlap.